The importance of Dogmatic Issues

Submitted by admin on Tue, 03/27/2018 - 08:13

The importance of dogmatic issues is often not perceived the same way by different people. Some consider it not so important in the 21st century, while others, mainly representatives of other traditional churches – on the contrary – exaggerated the role of the dogmatic differences to the degree that consider it as a reason to disrupt eucharistic communion. Those who have such opinion, point to the "absence of elaborated theological system", the absence of dogmatic works, while the most irreconcilable point to the "extreme or moderate monophysitism", and sometimes – as strange as it may seem – "explicit or hidden Nestorianism". In a word, they try to show one of the oldest Christian Churches in the world, which offered so many sacrifices for Christian faith, as defective or schismatic.

Having enough communication with members of other Christian Churches who bear such opinions, we have a clear understanding of the reasons for such opinions. In the best case, this reason is a banal ignorance of original sources and basing their opinions on the writings of third parties. Here we have to say that such people have some ground for such an attitude: indeed though the main works of Armenian theologians are available even on the internet  but they are mainly in Grabar (Old or Classical Armenian); we are trying to give corresponding references to these works in our section Sources but very few dogmatic works are available in Modern Armenian and still fewer – in foreign languages. 

However, more or less professional acquaintance with the dogmatics of the Armenian Church shows that in reality, the picture is quite contrary: it is very solid, complete and genuinely based on the Gospels and the works of pre-Chalcedon catholic Church fathers.

We consider one of the goals of our website to provide extensive data on the theological system of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Modern Armenian, Russian, English and in future, probably in other languages too. It is first for the Armenians living in Armenia and in the diaspora, as well as foreigners who are interested in the Armenian Church.

We will try to include also the articles of specialists, clergymen in order to show the proper place of the Christian theology, particularly dogmatics, in the life of a Christian person, without falling into extremities.