Instructions for authors

Information for Authors

Authors are requested to submit new manuscripts online.

Statement of Policy

The Armenian Theological Review is the publication of Ankyunacar Publishing. While expecting articles to advance scholarship in their respective fields in a lucid, cogent, and fresh way, the Journal is especially interested in areas of research with a broad range of implications for scholars of religion, or cross-disciplinary relevance. The Editors welcome submissions in theology, religious ethics, and philosophy of religion, as well as articles that approach the role of religion in culture and society from a historical, sociological, psychological, linguistic, or artistic standpoint. Articles that present highly specialized research in limited areas of inquiry may be considered provided that their findings, in the judgment of the Editors, have significance for a wider readership. Submissions may not be concurrently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The Journal requires the assignment of copyright on journal articles and book reviews. Although copyright to other contributions remains with their authors, it is understood that, in return for publication, the Journal has the exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right of first publication and the non-exclusive continuing right to reprint, republish, display, distribute, license, archive, and use the contribution in any language, format, or medium, either separately or as part of a collective work.

Preparing Files for Online Submission

The Editors generally take the optimal length of an article to be 10–25 manuscript pages, not including notes, but lengthier submissions of exceptional quality will receive full consideration.  Review articles should be 8–12 pages.

Manuscripts must be in English. A separate document that includes the names, e-mail addresses, and affiliations of all authors and a 100-word abstract must accompany each manuscript. Authors' names should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript.

File formats. The preferred format for submitting manuscripts online is Microsoft Word (.doc files). If you are unable to submit a Microsoft Word file, Editorial Manager will also accept Word Perfect (.wpd), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), and Rich Text (.rtf) files.

File content. Manuscripts are preferred as separate files for text and for figures. Alternatively, you may submit a single file with figures, tables, and images included in the main document. You must also submit a cover letter in a second file, either in the same format as your main text file or in plain text format (ASCII file). Armenian parts of the text should be written in Unicode, preferably in 4.0 version of the Arian AMU font.