Sources of Armenian Theology

We are classifying the sources into three categories:


Original texts

Here were collected all links that lead to the Old Armenian texts both scanned printed books or scanned manuscripts. In some cases text files of these texts are available.

Texts are mainly in the collections of National Library of Armenia, in other open depositaries and in the Digital Library of Armenian Literature.

We listed the authors chronologically, according to the date of their activities, not the date of publication.



In this category, the translations of original texts of Armenian theologians into new languages including Modern Armenian are referred or linked.


Bibliography of important studies

In this section, we will collect the titles of most important scientific studies on Armenian theology that we know. The works that are out of copyright and are available will be linked to that work. We will gradually enlarge the list of publications and would appreciate your help in completing this bibliographical list with titles of studies that you might suggest as important ones.