About the Journal

Armenian Theological ReviewOverview

The Armenian Theological Review (AThR) will publish articles, reviews, comments that focus on the interrelationship, coherence and implication of Christian doctrine on the received tradition of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It will provide space to contributions that will focus afresh on previously ill-interpreted or ignored topics. Significant space will be allocated for reviews of books, conference and forums.

Aims and Scope

The AThR's aim will be to publish high-quality articles on different aspects of Armenian Church including review articles on major publications. The principal language of the Review will be English but articles in other languages will have English summaries provided by the author. History, doctrinal history, doctrine, sacramental theology, religious art of the Armenian Church will be the main concern of the review and any other aspect that the editorial board find relevant.

The founders of the Review are fully aware of the lack of primary sources and authentic reliable translations of the sources. The Review will give an opportunity to contributors to re-value, re-interpret the relevance of the sources in the light of new scholarship particularly if these enhance our understanding of the role and status of those sources not only of the Armenian Church but also of the neighbouring sister churches.

The publications of major works in English (histories, commentaries, treatises, tracts, epistles) during the last decades give impetus for the success of the Review.

Editorial board includes members, who are leading specialists in various areas concerning the Armenian Church and are enthusiastic about the aims of the journal.

Editorial board: Fr. Nerses Nersissian, Archbishop Yeznik Petrosyan, Bishop Hovakim Manukyan, Fr. Garegin Hambartsumyan, Khachik Grigoryan, Hakob Keoseyan, Diana Tsaghikyan

Editor-in-chief: Khachik Grigoryan